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Trackman by Loc

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Trackman by Loc – Friction Drive Rubber Tracks

Introduced in 1997 as the first friction drive track on John Deere T series tractors, the Trackman® track is the preferred track for demanding friction-drive applications.


Technical Specifications:

– 2.75″ fully-molded tread lugs

– 1.5″ heavy duty carcass

– Fully-molded guide lugs for easy transition at drive and idler

– Greater longevity and durability in large applications

Benefits & Features:

– Patented galvanized cable for improved corrosion resistance and longer life

– MAXXTUFF™ steel belting provides the highest concentration of reinforcement in the market

– 20% thicker carcass resists cuts, punctures and other damage


Trackman by Loc – Positive Drive Rubber Tracks

A tougher track meets a smoother ride

Improved precision and operators comfort in heavy-pull, positive drive operations with our industry first Anti-Vibration Technology TM on Trackman® XP.


Technical Specifications:

– Improved wheel path rubber, formulated to minimize abrasion and puncture damage

– MAXXTUFF™ steel belting provides the highest concentration of reinforcement in the market

– Available with ARMOURLUG® or ARMORLUG® ULTRA technology

Benefits & Features:

– High-performance Trackman XP maximizes drive lug life in high-pull/draw bar applications

– Patented galvanized cable makes Trackman XP extremely corrosion resistant

– Fully-molded tread and drive lugs for greater durability


The world’s strongest drive lugs:

– ARMORLUG® ULTRA is the first patented drive lug with three fabric layers embedded in the lugs.

– It easily handles today’s biggest, most powerful tractors and is designed to take on more.

– It lasts as much as 30% longer than any other positive-drive track.


Drive lug section

Constructed for 7 times longer life:

– Wire-ply construction with 50% more wires per inch than our competition. That’s 12 wires per inch compared to only eight.

– Patented galvanized steel cables prevent corrosion and premature weakness.

– All this adds up to a track that will last season after season, even under the heaviest load.

Wire-ply construction:
– Fully-molded track equals tougher, longer-lasting track.
– Non-fully-molded has built-in weak points that can lead to early deterioration and failure.
– In addition to longer life, you get a more consistent rubber thickness which leads to greater stability and a smoother ride.