Superior Polyurethane Wheels

Superior Polyurethane Wheels.

To complement our product range, Eurotrack is pleased to be able to offer Superior Tyre and Rubber Corporation AgriTraxx® midrollers.

Superior AgriTraxx® are a range of polyurethane midroller and idler wheels. These components are one of the most frequently changed parts of any rubber tracked undercarriage due to the rubber de-bonding from the steelwork, especially at higher road speeds and in demanding applications. The bonding and compound chemistry of the AgriTraxx’s polyurethane is good for extended road work and demanding applications as it runs with lower temperatures Superior Polyurethane Wheelsthroughout the wheel and so offers a longer service life.

Eurotrack are able to offer these wheels with Superior’s lifetime bonding warranty.

Eurotrack stock a range of Superior polyurethane midrollers to fit:

Agco Challenger MT700 and MT800 series.

John Deere 8000T and 9000T (serial number dependent), available soon for 8RT and 9RT series.

We are also able to offer polyurethane midrollers and idlers to fit Case IH STX Quadtrac.

We stock wheels and midrollers to fit CAT / CLAAS Challenger 35/45/55/65/75/85/95

All Superior wheels are more durable and longer lasting than the original rubber and recoated versions.

For further details please refer to:

Superior Tire & Rubber Corp.