To complement our product range Eurotrack are pleased to be able to offer the STEINBAUER PowerModule to our portfolio of products. These are available for most tractors (wheeled & tracked), harvesters and sprayers.


The STEINBAUER PowerModule for more workday efficiency.

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Agricultural machinery requires sufficient power to handle the heavy workload. Today‘s machines need to be more efficient and versatile than in the past.

The STEINBAUER additional electronic is the safest and most effective way to tune modern diesel engines. The STEINBAUER intelligent PowerModule uses multi-channel microprocessor programming based around the patented injection duration technology. This also allows precise fuel control throughout the full rpm range of the engine. It works with your ECU and not against it, ensuring the factory ECU remains in control of the manufacturers original safety settings. STEINBAUER PowerModule‘s are a Plug‘n‘Play solution and are designed to be easily and efficiently installed using original plug connectors. Importantly the STEINBAUER PowerModule does not interfere with common-rail pressure – making it the best choice for your engine.


STEINBAUER PowerModule advantages

– Up to 25% more power and torque

– No change in common-rail or boost pressure

– Ability to cover more acres per hour *

– Optimize on field work time

– Opportunity to decrease overall engine hours

– Harvest at optimum speed to maximize your yield – more bu/ac *

– Precise fuel control throughout the full rpm range of the engine

– An alternative to the cost intensive purchase of higher horsepower machinery


STEINBAUER PowerModule features

– Plug and play with original, vehicle-specific connectors

– No footprint left on ecu

original software and hardware remain uneffected

– Automotive industry standard

durable construction, dust-, vibration- and moisture resistant

– 3 year warranty upon registration

Free extended warranty for the STEINBAUER PowerModule

– Microprocessor controlled

– Revolutionary software / hardware engineering

– Custom program to fit individual job requirements

– Advanced technology and premium quality from Austria

– Tested worldwide under all climate conditions


STEINBAUER PowerModule additional features

– Patented technology

Registered and protected worldwide

– Unique power enhancement principle

Increased power is achieved by optimising the main injection length

– Safe performance for engines

– Developed & manufactured in Austria at the Headquarters in Wartberg, Upper Austria




The STEINBAUER product that you buy is covered by a free one (1) year warranty from the date of purchase, please retain your invoice as proof of purchase.  This warranty can be extended without any additional charge, from one (1) year to three (3) years by simply registering your product online at



For further information please see our RESOURCES section where there are videos and PDFs available to view.



STEINBAUER Performance is an innovative, brand-independent developer, manufacturer and global supplier of electronic components and additional modules for modern diesel and turbo-gas engines. With 20 years experience in the industry they have developed a thorough understanding of engine control units and how to safely optimize increases in power and torque.

STEINBAUER‘s PowerModule continues to gain immense popularity among all vehicle segments from Agricultural Machinery, Forestry, Heavy Duty Equipment, and OTR/Heavy Duty Trucks through to Passenger Vehicles, 4WD‘s, Pickups and Motorhomes.

The continued success is due to their commitment to superior engineering and manufacturing as well as the best practice attitude toward sales and customer support. With a qualified worldwide authorised dealer network and satisfied customers in over 30 countries STEINBAUER remains the leader in the industry.



* Results dependent on, but not limited to: individual driver habits and experience; vehicle handling; type of engine and standard manufacturers engine variables; total load weight and distribution; weather, road and terrain conditions.