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Kile™ Clear View Caps

Kile™ Clear View Caps fit all major tracked tractors, replacing the OEM steel caps on all idler and midroller hubs to allow operators to check and maintain correct oil levels with ease.

Checking clarity of oil, as well as sufficient oil, can help minimise downtime and undercarriage running costs by being able to detect potential issues before expensive failures occur.

The benefits of Kile caps are:

– Ease of view of oil levels of idler & roller wheels

– View clarity of oil

– Scratch resistant (manufactured from high impact aircraft

   canopy plastic)

– UV protected plastic

– High impact plastic protects against breakage

– All kits now come complete with plugs

– Resistant to weather conditions of extreme heat or cold

– View inside and outside idlers and rollers with ease

– 5 year pro-rated warranty


Challenger MT idler cap

Kile Clear View Caps are available to fit the following models:

  • Case IH Quadtrac STX Series
  • Case IH Quadtrac 9300 Series
  • Case IH Axial Flow 230 Series / New Holland CR9090
  • AGCO Challenger MT700 Series
  • AGCO Challenger MT800 Series
  • CAT / Claas Challenger 35/45/55
  • CAT / Claas Challenger 65/75/85/95
  • Claas Lexion Terratrac
  • John Deere 8000T Series
  • John Deere 8020T / 8030T Series
  • John Deere 8RT Series
  • John Deere 9000T Series
  • John Deere 9030T / 9RT Series
  • John Deere 9RX Sereis
  • Versatile DeltaTrack


For further information please refer to the Kile Machine & Manufacturing Inc. website.