New 32” Camso Track for Case IH Quadtrac

Eurotrack is pleased to be able to offer a new 32” Camso Durabuilt track to fit the Case IH Quadtrac. 32 inch Quadtrac track

The 32” track is exclusive to Camso, and targeted to optimise performance for Quadtrac Ag applications. The new track includes the same high performance drive lugs, carcass and treadbars that our customers have come to expect from Camso tracks, however the new 32” width size offers some great benefits when compared to the 30” and 36” versions.

One major benefit of the new 32” track when compared to the 30” is that it promotes longer track and undercarriage life. The 30” track can run to the edge of the wheels, if the drive lugs have side wear the wheels can actually protrude out past the edge of the track. The 32” track keeps the wheels centered on the main cables and protects the edge of the wheels from contact with debris.  This reduces the amount of material build up, offering more protection for the idlers and midrollers. Track life is also improved due to reduced side wear on drive lugs and reduced lug temperatures.

Another benefit of the 32” over the 30” is that the longer treadbars result in a 10% more surface area to the ground offering greater floatation.

When compared to the 36” option the 32” offers optimized frame clearance between the Quadtrac main frame and track. We believe the 32” will perform as well as the 36” in most applications and pricing of the new track is favourable when compared to the 36”. However the 36” is still the preferred option in applications where maximum flotation is needed.

The new 32” track is the best value track for the Quadtrac and delivers improved performance and extended track and wheel life. This track is favorable in most farming applications and is the best option available for tillage applications. The track is also particularly helpful in farming applications on hillsides as it protects the wheel edge on the down side of the machine and helps prevent the wheel edge from grabbing crop material

The track is available in Camso’s 3500 and 6500 series configurations and fits all later generation Quadtracs. This track is only available through Eurotrack for the European and CIS markets. Eurotrack is offering special introductory pricing for a limited time only and is now taking orders for delivery in January.

30 inch Quadtrac track example 32 inch Quadtrac track example

32 inch vs. 30 inch Quadtrac track